• 1 part kismet
  • 1 part Matt
  • 1 imaginary part random intrusive thoughts of existential dread

I think a lot about names and what they mean. When I first started streaming I went by the name Geehavoc.

Very edgy.

I know.

Shortly into starting the stream it just felt a bit more like cringe to me and not at all representative of what I wanted myself, the stream, or a potential community to represent. I spent a few days, or maybe it was weeks, thinking of a new name that felt right to be me. Went through a lot of various names related to gaming, programming, existential nonsense, tech, and even lemons.

I’d have to look back through some of the conversations I had with my wife about name ideas and what felt right but I’m fairly certain it was her who came up with the name or at least the closest approximation to what landed us at Kismattic. Sometimes it feels a bit weird to say or think or be called by other people. I’ve personally gotten an attachment to the nickname Kizzy because it just sounds short and lighthearted.

I’m sure I’ll have more stuff to say about who I am or what that means in the context of life or the stream. I think this is a good starting point at least for where it felt like the stream started to come together for me.

~Follow your dreams~